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    April 29, 2009



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    • I dream that massacre like in Maguindanao, Philiippines will never happen again... See my 2 profile videos and Google Maguindanao massacre for more informations on it... Keep the famillies of the victims into your prayers please...

    • Hello to all my friends either true friends or fake friends. Well I've decided to make a big cleaning into my friend's list. If anyone of u use my profile or bulletins to get some clients of any kind u will be block. Same as the people sending too naugthy things on my profile, If I need sex I already have a gorgeous bisayan wife for that, I don't need long naughty Tags on my page. Also people sending too long and too often Tags just like if wanted to take the control of my profile page will also be block forever. When u send a message containing music make sure the music is off cause i already choose music and songs that i want to play on my page and i dont want many songs and music to start at the same time, same with cartoons and anything containing sounds of any type. If u want me to listen to something just send it to me not through my bulletin. People always resending the same things will be blocked also. No one need to send me neither message like if u love me send this back to me or anthing like that. I'm sick of people making me loose my time that I could share with real friends. Have a great day and God bless u all...