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  • Caty Manning ^//^


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    on this day, i see clearly, everything has come to life, bitter place in a broken dream and we'll leave it all behind

    April 25, 2009



    East Indian



  • About Me

    • punk, metal, rock.. NO COUNTRY!!!, screamo :)

    • hellboy 1&2, all of the mummy movies, all of the x men, the replacement killers, terminator all of them...

    • any anime

    • MY FAVORITE AUTHOR IS STEMHANIE MEYERS!!!! twilight, full moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, sleeping with the fishes, a vampire novel I ABSOLUTELY LOVVVEEE TO READ!!!

    • eh....

    • just ask.. too many to count.

    • ehh dreams almost never come true. so fuck em. live everyday like its your last.

    • my beautiful eyes -batts eyelashes at everyone-

    • im a good person, but if you mess with me or my family or my friends i will fuck you up! nuff said :D