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    My Lovely Roses

    Looking For Mr. Right Honest And True

    April 18, 2009






  • About Me

    • I love older country such as Porter Wagnor,Loretta Lynne,Tanya Tucker,Conway Twitty, etc. But I also like music like LA Guns, Steelheart as long as it isn't too hard, I am learning new music still. I love the older rock like Llynard Skynard, Doors, Black Sabbath, Santana,etc. I have to have music in my life.

    • I prefer the older shows such as I Dream Of Jeanie, Bewitched, Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, etc. I do like to watch true crime shows, DR. Phil, Jerry Springer, etc.

    • Nature,flea markets,auctions,traveling,ginseng hunting,writing poetry,dancing,internet, most types of music,semis,pickup trucks,drag racing, tractor pulls,tubing,gardening,sewing.

    • To find a decent guy and settle down, make each other happy. I would love to start my own resale shop again I love going thru junk, going to auctions and flea markets.

    • My loving heart I always put others first before me

    • Tired of being alone, wishing I had someone in Terre Haute that was dependable and didn't play head games. I don't drive and I need someone who don't mind helping me by taking me places I need to go. I take care of my 85 year old Mom and a sister in a wheel chair I do dog rescue, flea markets, auctions, scrap metal. Anything to survive and make an honest dollar.