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    March 14, 2009





  • About Me

    • I like all types of music but especially R&B, Blues and Jazz...If it sounds good and I like the lyrics, I'm into it... so the genre doesn't matter...what matters is how the song/tune/rap grabs me and makes me pay attention to it

    • love a good "shoot em up" or a "kick flick" as long as there is good action in it I generally like it. I also like thoughtful documentaries, sci fi, mysteries and sports movies.

    • not a big TV watcher but love HBO series like DEADWOOD, ROME, TRUE BLOOD, DETECTIVE STORY, WESTWORLD and GAME OF THRONES (that show in particular is bombing)

    • Stephen King used to be my main guy until he started writing the same book over and over...UPDATE: Stephen King is back on my list...just read a trilogy written by him (Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers & End of The Watch) and got all caught up in the characters in the books...guess I hadn't read any of his new stuff in a while so Stephen King is back on top as my favorite author.

    • Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volley Ball, Golf...Baltimore Ravens, Morgan State University Bears, Baltimore Orioles. Washington Wizards

    • I'm Interested in residential real estate in the Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan area...I help others buy it and sell it and I buy it , rehab it and resell it. If you know of someone who is in need of a highly experienced REALTOR in that area...please let me other interests include but are not limited to: PETS, Baltimore Ravens, Morgan State Bears, PHOTOGRAPHY, outdoor sports and activities, travel, reading, thoughtful discussion, some TV, movies

    • Dreams come to SLEEPERS...I'm wide awake and living mine

    • my sense of humor, my laid back attitude, my zest for life, my live and let live demeanor

    • CAUTION: Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear and the operator of this vehicle is OLDER than stated in this window