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  • Dan C


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    Life is good

    January 10, 2009






  • About Me

    • Alternative, Reggae, rock, 80's, I like a variety of stuff, everything from Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, and old U2, to Social Distortion & Jane's Addiction

    • comedy, action, suspense, I like all kinds of movies

    • national geographic, discovery, comedy central

    • Been reading a lot of text book lately, I'm taking some classes for work.

    • I'm not a sports nut, I'll watch a game, but don't go crazy over any teams. I would rather play something that watch it.

    • I enjoy surfing, biking, running, anything physical and outdoors

    • I had a dream that I ate a giant marsh mellow, and when I woke up my pillow was missing.

    • Good sense of humor

    • Hi, and thank you for taking a look at my profile. About me, I lead a active life ( go to the gym, run, and surf whenever there's waves). I'm stable, have a good job, a vehicle that runs, and my own place. I consider myself a easy going, laid-back type, I'm low maintenance, shorts and flip flops at the beach kinda guy. I'm not really into material things, don't get me wrong, everyone likes nice stuff, but it doesn't make you who you are. For the most part my life is pretty simple and enjoyable.