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    looking for a 'friend' Don't add me if I cannot see your profile (see "wanna be friends" below)

    December 3, 2008






  • About Me

    • I like the classic rock, R & B and some jazz. Not into rap, hip-hop, or opera. Classical is too soothing to drive to.

    • I like action and comedies, but will watch a "chick flick" with the right woman.

    • I like action, documentaries, suspense, and CSI type cop shows.

    • It has been a while since I sat down and read a book. It's mostly mags.

    • I enjoy American football (Go Hawks, Go Huskies), baseball, and I used to enjoy basketball but was never really good at it myself.

    • I can't put that on here. Can I? lol Photography, travel, sports. women

    • To be happily married and travel with my wife. Applications now being accepted. PM me.

    • my wit and sense of humor

    • I stay busy working around the house and keeping in touch with my friends.

    • I do not have a job that I have to get up and go to every day. So, I have six Saturdays and a Sunday. Previously built/assembled airplane parts for a major aircraft manufacturer.

    • If you have your profile as private, don't ask me to be your friend unless you tell me something about yourself first. So write something to me. Maybe I clicked "YES" on you because I was interested in finding out more. Some people just don't get it

    • If you're flashing gang signs, I'm not adding you. If your face is held together by pins, I'm not adding you. If your body is covered in tattoos, I'm not adding you. (If you have a few that's ok.)

    • I will delete Comments on my profile that I know are untrue when I see them. And I will try to send proof to you that it is untrue.

    • Any friends exceeding 3 months as IN-ACTIVE will be DELETED, unless we communicate outside of this site.