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    November 22, 2008



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    • I will answer messages with the name of a GOOD BAND in the title. I like heavy, dramatic music. I like to hear a storm coming. I like musicians who have not died yet. It is hard to respect a musician who has died. I do respect Bon Scott because he was a man of principle. I respect Vincent Crane. I can never quite work out the best guitarist. Is it Ritchie Blackmore,Tony Iommi or Glenn Tipton? It is the same with vocalists, Ronnie James Dio, rest in peace, or David Coverdale. Best band would be Black Sabbath. Best band with twin lead guitars, Judas Priest. Best female singer would be Sinead O'Connor just for Fire Over Babylon. Scariest female singer would be Diamanda Galas. The Mother of Punk would be Nina Hagen. The band of the 90s would be Paradise Lost. The band of the 21st century would be Rammstein. Best live band would be AC/DC. Best progressive rick band would be either Pink Floyd of King Crimson.

    • I will answer messages with the name of a DECENT FILM in the title. I like films the same way I like music. I like big, ominous, doom-laden, backs-to-the wall, angel of death films. The last great wonderful wise epic I saw was the Korean film, The Warrior. It had been out for eight years and I didn't know. They didn't tell me. I really rate 13th Warrior. I have recently enjoyed Red Cliff.

    • I will answer any Tagged message with the title AVENGERS. I was educated by re-runs of The Avengers. I found out what a woman was and what a man was. I learned the importance of style, loyalty and death. Tom Baker's Doctor Who taught me what one-liners were and how to grin. I learned about politics from Have I Got News From You. I learned that there five types of women from Lee & Herring. Father Ted persuaded me that Catholicism was a fun religion.

    • I learned from H..P.Lovecraft my vocabulary and the nature of the universe. Lord Dunsany taught me that all things are fleeting. I acquired my taste from Ian Fleming. Ian Rankin taught me that I was lucky to get out of Scotland alive. Catch 22 explained to me the nuances of Catch 22. I have read a lot of Baudelaire in translation and he seems to have healthy attitude towards women. Shakespeare shows you waht you can do with language if you have bills to pay. Milton is Heavy Metal. Donne is clever. T S Eliot is tough. Leopardi is doom-laden. P.J. O'Rourke makes me laugh.

    • I really liked Sven. He was unfailingly polite but you could still hear him scoffing at dull questions. What a ladies man too. No wonder all the eunuchs in the British press hated him especially the top sports writer in The Independent. Oh, what a love this is, that you dress as a Swedish bank manager to please me. I don't know who to support this season, just as long as British clubs beat foreign clubs I am happy. Cricket. We have a good chance of beating the West Indies. They are forced to play a white man. Darts. I miss some of the old heavyweights. Pool. I have won some games of pool. Tennis. Serena Williams is something else. She has to keep fending off a never-ending stream of Slavic hitwomen. Formula One. What's the point without Schumacher? Wrestling. It used to be on the television. Why did they drop wrestling and replace it with snooker? Boxing. My dad liked boxing. They should let the Swedes run boxing. Skiing. Downhill is getting very dangerous. They should stick to uphill.

    • When I was a child I had an Observer's Book of Birds and by the time I was ten I knew most of them in the book. Then I started collecting Observer's Book. From that I learned you had to be interested in everything, unless there was no Observer's Book on it. These books are still going, but they are not hardback anymore. I started collecting any book series with a numbering system like old Everyman books and Penguin Classics. But they always gave up on the numbering. That's rubbish. How can you collect something if it's not numbered properly.

    • They say you have to dream. For quite some years I never remembered anything of dreams. Now I am on medication that keeps me calm and now I have dreams. Half of the dreams are rubbish dreams about working. It's worth dreaming because there are some nice moments, but also harrowing ones. I have always constructed stories before falling asleep. All my stories are connected and go back to when I was a child.

    • I am very tall, taller than anyone. Everything about me is large and clumsy, except for my upper body which is quite childlike. It used to be a problem for me, but now I just don't care. It's hard for me to find clothes that fit. In fact I have very few clothes. I tend to wear the same things over and over. When it's properly summery I wear bright summery dresses, but I don't show those photos on-line. It's not a part of me I care to share. God said, "Don't ask me what I think of you. I might not give the answer that you want to me."

    • I was invited to join Tagged. I enjoy some parts of Tagged like the Pets Game. I have made some good friends in Madrid, Mexico, Bacolod, Finland and China. I don't like answering the same questions so much. Many new friends don't look at my profile and yet I have worked on it. I do have an e-mail address but I keep that clear for business. What do I do for a living? Who says I am living. I do a lot of things. I have a lot of fingers, more than most, in a lot of pies, and I like pies. And puddings. People ask me why I don't have a face. For a joke, I say that I lost my face in an industrial accident years ago. What's funny is that some people actually believe that. The Prophet said "He who shows his face on the Internet, will not go far in politics." Honestly I don't want to be recognised. No-one must recognise me on the High Street and follow me back to my groundfloor flat in Acton. I'm not a Mistress, neither am I a slave. I don't believe in sex or violence. I believe in icons, post-modernism, Sewart Lee and memes.

    • Bands I would give house room to: AC/DC, Anathema, Bjork, Black Sabbath, Bridezilla, Budgie, Kate Bush. Cathedral, Course of Empire, The Cure, Diathra, Eishelig, Fiurach, Groundhogs, Honeycrack, In Flames, Judas Priest, King Crimson, Laibach, Monster Magnet, My Dying Bride, Najib Amhali, Nymphs, Octavia Sperati, Sinead O'Connor, Paradise Lost, Ping Pong Bitches, Queen Adreena, Rammstein, Rock Goddess, Sadista Disters, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, Snow Queen, Sycorax, Talvin Singh, UK Subs, Uzi Nuns, Vice Squad, Wishbone Ash, Xmal Deutschland, Yasar Ipek, Zeromancer Bands I Would Cross The Road To See: Dio, Judy Tenuta, Nina Hagen, SAHB. My favourite operas include Medea, Aida and Turandot. I'm really interested, as opposed to interested, in the music of Andorra, Belgium, the Cayman Islands, the Danish West Indies, Eritrea, Fiume, Gabon, Hungary, Iceland, not Jamaica, Kiribati, the Lebanon, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Orissa, Papua and New Guinea, Queensland, Russia.

    • Azumi, Barb Wire, The Bride With White Hair, Constantine, Devil Girl from Mars, Doll Master, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Giantess, Gothic. Gremloids, Jade, Killing Time, Lady Snowblood. Lady Vengeance. Life Force. Nowhere To Run. Phoolan Devi. Public Enemy. Pyrokineses. The Thing, Wendigo, Wraiths, Yo Yo Girl Cop, Zipang. I also admire the artwork of Eric Stanton. I like films from Azerbaijan, Brakna, Chechnya, Dundgovi, East Timor, Finnmark, Gambier Islands, Ha Tay, Iaslomita, Jawar Barat, Kerala, Lazio, Mashonaland, Nidwalden, Ogou, Phu Yen, Qinghai, Rhineland Palatinate, Salaj, Sergipe, Tigray, Uvs, Vas, Waikato, Xekong, Yoto and Zou.

    • Shows I Would Watch Of They Paid Me: Dead Set, Sledgehammer, Married with Children, Spaced, Green Wing, Peepshow, Spooks, Father Ted, Absolutely, Fist of Fun, Have I Got News For You. Brass Eye. The Weather, Man In A Suitcase, The Avengers, Callan, KYTV. Emergency coverage. “What sets us apart from our enemies in this fight… is how we behave. In everything we do, we must observe the standards and values that dictate that we treat noncombatants and detainees with dignity and respect. While we are warriors, we are also all human beings” -- General David Petraeus I suffer from Asperger Syndrom. Asperger syndrome is the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in which there is no general delay in language or cognitive development. Like other ASDs, it is characterised by difficulties in social interaction and restricted, stereotyped patterns of behavior and interests.

    • Lord Dunsany, Clark Ashton Smith, Algenon Blackwood. The Renko books of Martin Cruz Smith. Ian Rankin. Michael Innes. Penguin Classics. Baedekers. Gothic romances. Language dictionaries. Collecting obscure books. Crypto-zoology. The Occult. Secret Societies. I'm interested in reading about Angels, the Baroness. Countess Bathory, the Humiliatrix, the Ice Witch, Kala, Princess Spider, Nyah, race queens, riotgrrls. Modesty Blaise. The great poets of Ambato, Bani, Cotonou, Da Lat, Eas, Faya, Goroka, Ho, Ibarra, Jalapa, Kabwe, Logrono, Maebashi, Niamtougou, Olaki, Pachuca.

    • Team manager of the Cardinals. Throwing shoes. Murder in the Fog. British bulldogs. Dodge the IEDs. Netball, badminton, frisbee, falaka, shooting down satellites, the Ashes, England versus Germany, survival games, chess, Diplomacy, Cosmic Encounters, role-playing Traveller and Call of Cthuhlu. Supporting Millwall fans. Serena Williams. Bastinado. Waterboarding. Board games based on American Football. Darts. Snooker. Cribbage. Bridge. Solitaire. Punchbag. Shadow boxing. Riding. Ligotage. Shove Ha'penny. Quoits. Extreme Ironing. Shin Kicking. Jelena Jankovic. Squash. Volleyball. Mountaineering. Chatting with cuckolds. Freefall falling. Golfing. Sumo wrestling. Bandy. Sambo. Skeet-shooting. Boules. Hockey. Hurling. Pelota. Quoits. Savate. Goth culture sports.

    • Spikes and studs. Tasers and cattle prods. Nitrous oxide. Fishnet tights. Patterned tights. Big Boots. Leather and lace. Satin and steel. Iron and ice. Tungsten and carbide. Collecting everything. Buying up e-Bay. Being sarcastic on Tagged. Bringing back capital unishment for people who can't spell. Neo-feminism. The careers of Uberchicks. Femi-Nazis. Knowing things and improvising the rest. Subverting the modern world. Trying to escape the fear love paradigm. Trying to slow down my fretwork. Cultivating boredom to extend my life. Collecting collections, boots, graphic novels. Filling a wardrobe with leather, lace. Separating fetishism from eroticism. Separating fetishism from Gothicism. Skeleton Girls. Susan Balaka. Mythology. Archaeology. Military History. Herbs and spices. Nefilim. Anakim. Giborim. Refaim. I would only torture poets. I would never speak dead of the ill. I would never make a puppet show to mock people. We all have to die alone. Emasculation. Tartarus. Carthusians.

    • Having my own stables. Mainly working in my dreams and not getting paid. Empire building. Running away from things successfully. I'd like to be a giantess. Outliving everyone. Living off the grid. Monsters. In my dreams I am still working in old jobs that I quit long ago. Trying not to dream about the works of H.P.Lovecraft, especially The Haunter of the Dark. Dreaming of the worlds of Clark Ashton Smith. Trampling car parks. I'd like to force people to attend concerts given by classical pianists or otherwise bury them up to their necks in cotton wool in the desert. Putting people in sacks and throwing them in the Bosporus. Remaking the Ilsa films with out then soft scenes. Black flag. Black bag. Gog and Magog. Arthuruan Legend. Sacher-Masoch. Necron. Phlegethon. I'd like to travel to Saudi Arabia, obviously. South Korea, Mexico. Libya. Tunisia. Algeria. Togo. Chad. Rwanda. Panama. Russia. Mayanmar. Namibia. Kosovo. Macedonia. Lithuania. Azerbaijan. Bangladesh. Rubovia. Wallachia.

    • Detachable head. Psychic scarring. Psychic tattoos. Service record. Headlands, tors and tarns. Divine Posterior. Being taller than others. Understanding people. Doing what God doesn't stop me from doing. Ta Prohm legs, legs like tree trunks, legs like telegraph poles, a mism-matched top half and bottom half, hair, a kind face, vintage violence, sarcasm, power, strength, co-ordination, determination. Sharp teeth, dragon's breath, iron talons, tailed and scaled. Enthusiasm, studiousness. Sense of humour. Self deception. Persistence. OCD. Bi-polar. Schizoid. Psychosis. Morbid fear of revealing my fear to others. Never tell people what you fear, as they will take notes. We must be fools that laugh at Terror. I'm afraid of downloading films whilst sleepwalking. High-speed shopping skills. My role models include Bettie Page, Medusa and Nina Hagen.

    • I grew up reading fantasies about evil empires and yesterday I found out it was all real. Practising what I would say if I were interrogated by evil empire graduates. My best line so far is, "You never won a war in your lives. Russia won the Second World War." Eating cheese on toast while the Americans bomb their allies, Pakistan. Eating grapes while Mumbai burns. Watching the weather and searching for higher ground. Making up conspiracy theories. Born in a cross-fire hurricane. Raised by toothless bearded hags. Pain angel. Born under a bad sign. Ripped untimely. I stick with the capital diet, that's eating things beginning with a capital city. I just love answering posts that have no content. I never shot nobody. Don't even carry a gun. I ain't done nothing. I'm just having fun. Riff raff. I only do it for a laugh. Treacle tart. Treacle pudding. Jam in porage. Brown sugar in semolina. Bara brith. Ginger marmalade on toast. I have taught students how to play strategy games.