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  • moustafa talaat


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    love u egypt

    September 28, 2008



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  • About Me

    • luv rap and and back street boys and love listining to shayne ward and hanna montana sometimes and amr diab , begad b7ep amr diab we mesh b7ep tamer hosny 5ales

    • luv horror movies like saw and the others and house of a haunted hell and silent hell , we mosh b7ep elafalm el3arabe 5les 3shan betgep t5allof

    • prison break , grey's anatomy , csi miami or newyork and i realy hate oprah and those morals from las vegas and holywood , we aked tap3an elmosalsalat el3rape 7 aga zepala moooooooooooooooooooooot

    • nooooooooooo not at all,,,, wallahi elwa73d msh fade lilhapal da aslan

    • luv soccer and hand ball and i cricket liverpool and i hope man united lose everything lol

    • learning other langueges like english , italian and jermany and friends before all of that , mafeesh a7san men elsao7ap feddoniade kollaha

    • i dream to be a good person and travel to anywhere in the whole world to work as a lawyer , masr mesh elmakan elle momken ensan y3eeeeeeesh feeh

    • i dont know cuz its very hard to know whats ur features but i have a confidence and thank god for that but i think iam honest to m self and to my friends , just my real friends , ya3ne eeh features de ?

    • assalam alikum , oola , la pais est sur vous iam mustafa , a fresh student in the faculty of law , keep in touch guys , pllllllllllllz elle mosh nawe yekon sa7ep begad blash yedaiia3 wa2te m3ah