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  • michael

    Over 3 months ago

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    what is there to do tonite???????????

    September 8, 2008







  • About Me

    • lil jon, west side, eminem, ice cube, ti, 50cent, dmx, hip-hop, dance,techno

    • fast and the furious, comedy, horror but i will watch any movie thro...

    • family guy, simpsons, two and a hlaf men, ncis, master chef......

    • dont read books not my type of thing but if did it would be cars or cooking books

    • AFL

    • music and cars and outdoors

    • would not no its a dream

    • you tell me

    • I'm 22 live in adelaide, wanna know anything jus ask

    • I love to go to partys and go to town and hang out with my mates and meet chicks and work on cars and love cooking for no reson i think thats all.


    • to become a cheff i love cooking