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    god of war

    No existence of GOD..Lead my life through 5 strict principles of life..Think before action, analyze before execute, no turning back n regrets...

    August 25, 2008



    English, Español - México

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  • About Me

    • Music is life. No matter in any forms of genres,it is still Music.The Sound of Life. Genres of music does not define your Lifestyle. But the Lyrics of the songs may very well affect you in the dark ways,pure innocent ways,alter the works of mind or to realized the truth,conflicts,conspiracy & the power-hungry nations.Music tells about the past ,the present & the dim future. But i still choose Melodic Black. Prophecies & Wills be untold.

    • Sci-Fi, Damn funny movies,horror(sometimes) & true story based movies.

    • no time to watch 'cos after work went home straight & journey to the dreamland.

    • Used to. But the interest & efforts is still progressing.

    • Not interested since i got ligament injury in '08.Very limited sports activity.Can't walk long distance,run,jump,skipping,squats & even aggressive dance. Kinda sucks actually.

    • To keep upgrading myself in any form of knowledge.

    • Coming soon......

    • I think its my eyes.....( I hope so)

    • Tell me about it.