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    Judge a country not by its political power or military might,but by the way they treat their animals?Ghandi?...Says everything about the world?

    August 1, 2008



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    • Don Henley Boys Of Summer,Cher,Meatloaf,U2,Bonnie Tyler,Heart,Robbie Williams,Elvis,Bon Jovi,Bryan Adams,AC/DC,Don Henley,Bruce Springsteen,Abba,Pet Shop Boys,Hank Locklin, Rainbow,Kiss,Bryan Adams,Kelly Clarkson,N Trance,Avril Lavigne and lots more.Pink.Kiss.

    • Alexander with Colin Farrell,Scarface,Blade Runner,Alien,Predator,Sci Fi etc.General Patton.

    • Star Trek,on virgin,sci fi.Space films etc.Disclosetv on the web.

    • The Path Of The Phoeinx. ( Immortallity) By Robert Coon,availalable from Lulu,just type it in a Google search,a Real System of Becoming Immortal.Abra Melin.Magicks Of Moses.Keys Of Solomon.True stories.The assination of General Patton(coward bastards).Hitler escaped(good) by U-Boat to Argentina.Biographys like Richard Burton,Richard Harris,Peter OToole,Oliver Reed etc.General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.UFO books.

    • Playing with my dogs and other pets.Walking my dogs etc.Sleeping,Meditating,Stilling The Mind.Putting Concentration In Below Navel.Breath Magick Techniques Etc.

    • Mage Of Abra Melin.Magick Of Moses .Serious Meditation.Chinese and Tibetan Astrology,Tarot Divination.UFOs,Alien contacts,Astronomy,SETI Alien contacts .True strange stories and theres lots out there.Animals,Animal Welfare,Rescueing Animals,i have quite a few.Nice Art and Fantasy Art.My two dogs and two kittens and 27 hamsters,ten Rabbitts,three Guinea Pigs.Cooking.Vegan.Space and Time Travel.Other Dimensions.Alien interference on this planet,Moon and Mars etc.

    • To stop the needless murder of innocent animals.To own an animal sanctuary where all animals can live happily and play protected from the evils of men and women.To see the end of this present repetitive pathetic mortal world.

    • Strength.Determination.Good SenseOf Humour.Can Be Deep.Intelligent.Unconquearable Magus Mage Magi Amen Selah!

    • My name is Legion for we are many.

    • Mage,Magus,Magi,Magickian.Determined,loyal,committed,caring,lots of other things too?and loving, ,love animals and animal welfare.Compassionate.Dedicated to helping and loving all animals.

    • Abra Melin.Magick Of Moses.Aliester Crowley.Path Of Immortality.Alchemy.Meditating.Tibetan Buddhism,Chinese and Tibetan astrology,astronomy,the beauty of the universe,animals,good films,good music,cooking for those i love which inludes my pets,love cooking,star gazing,UFOs,animal welfare,deep conversation,laughing,exploring .Authentic divination systems,numerology,stilling the mind .Alexander The Great.General Patton.I love my English Bull Terrier Bruce and my Alsation Neo and my hamsters and kittens,three Guinea Pigs and ten Rabbitts.We just had seven beautifull baby Rabbits.Aliens,UFOs,Parralell Universes,Megaverses,Time Travel.Aliseter Crowley and Echnoian Cabala.

    • To stop all needless killing of animals.To end all wars.To also set up animal sanctuarys and employ Tibetan Buddhist monks to chant to the animals to let them enter Nirvana.And give the money it costs to launch these rockets in space to all the people of the world and animals so nothing is ever hungry or without ever again.Animals are the children of God.Be here to see the end of this evil tempory so called civilisation in 3797 as told by Nostradamus.

    • He or she who can still the mind,the universe surrenders.

    • Please bear with me when replying as i meditate and pray and take care of animals a lot.

    • Lord Shakiymuni said in his enlightenment::Nirvana is all around you right now.

    • Jesus said The Kingdom Of God And Heaven Is all Around You,I Am Not In Mansions Of Wood And Stone.I Am Within You And All Around You.Turn A Stone,I Am There,Break A Piece Of Wood,I Am There.These words were found in a cave in Israel on parchment,the vatican in Rome hides them in secure vaults under armed guard to this day afraid the masses will learn thier true meaning and the vatican will lose power.

    • We live around a dying medium sized star.At present,the sun is losing over four hundred thousnd tons of heat a second.

    • All wars come from an uncontrolled mind.May we all pray to change and be peacefull with ourselves and each other and sincerely show all life love and respect,plants,animals and people.Milarepa be with you all.

    • The French Foriegn Legion And The French Foriegn Legions Paratrooper Commando Regiements Of The 1ST,The 2ND,The 3RD And The 4TH And The Special Forces Regiements Of Reconnisance.2ND Sniper Elite Regiement.Aqua Elite Commando Regiements Etc.Legio Patria Nostra (The French Foriegn Legion Is My Homeland Forever).Viva Le Legion.Viva Le Commandant Le Colonel Eric Bellot.Viva Le C.B.A. Patrick.Viva Le Legion Mon 2ND Regiment Le Paratrooper/Commandos Et Camp Raffali,Calvi,Corsica,France.

    • May the Immortal Magus live forever,blessed are they who do Gods work,for they who cross the veil control all dominions and forces unseen by mortals.Anything is possible to he that believeth.

    • And verily i say unto you,there are some among you who will live until you see the Kingdom Of God Come With Power and be Immortal.

    • All life and people are illusion forever untill wisdom is given by the grace of God,you have lived forever,love All life,animals,insects,the seen,the unseen.We have all been eternally lied to by mankind,brainwashed by the lies of man to control you and all the money they can make out of you.Liberation of the Sou is called for.All the animals killed for humans to eat,they know not they kill their own family,mothers,fathers,sons and daughters of past,present and future lives.They also take rebirth to experience that which they were guilty of taking part in as Jesus said.If you kill or eat flesh and have not killed you will return to experience that of which you took part,being first party to or third party.Please find me one real Christian in this planet of fakes and hypocrits.Jesus did not die for our sins,we never take responsibility for our own actions,Jesus was murdered by humans because they were jelous of his powers and envied him.Every human,young and old constantly kill the Christs Teachings with their evil actions of mind and body and the Buddhas Teachings too.