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  • Kieshati "TAGGEDs MOST WANTED"

    Over 3 months ago

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    I Seek FEMALEs as surrogate lover for MALE Lez, in the states! Thanks - LIL Ms.Chocolate Wonder

    July 28, 2008



  • About Me

    • Classical, Folk, hip hop, RnB

    • "ONLY Whiz movies" - Southern Fried Chop Suey; Golden Years/Stephan King, Choe's Hap Ki Do commercials with Whiz in them.

    • Rot ya brain wit dat wr3stlin crap and dos3 wanna bee r3ality shows, way 2 fak3

    • Ann Sundahl, Betty Dobson

    • you hat3rs go h3ad wast3 good mon3y. So many starvin kids

    • Surrogate lovers for a special man!

    • My brain, Oral_Whiz

    • “Big ups to all my haters and Hoes!!!” “I KNOW YOU WANT ME and what I HAVE!!!” You know QUALITY, JEALOUS HOEs hate it, because dese bYtches want Oral_Whiz! Get like me or keep backYn up- are you Oral_Whiz worthy? Likely NOT! a. Long sexy hair; b. Big sex drive; c. Clean shaven; d. sensual; e. Love gettin oral; f. Love cuddle; g. Love massage; h.Love shower!

    • Oral_Whiz, Ma juicy spot! “MY SWAG SO OUTSTANDIN, D3S3 BYTCH3S CANT STAND M3”

    • ORAL_WHIZ, “MY SWAG SO OUTSTANDIN, D3S3 BYTCH3S CANT STAND M3” and Rachel's musical chairs version with Oral_Whiz & eight women!

    • 1. To find a woman or women for my love in states!!!Only share, not keep! So many ways, so lil tYm3, jokin ya! NOT INTO BOYZ!