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    Fear is temporary. Regret is FOREVER.

    July 5, 2008






  • About Me

    • Classic Rock and Country. No Rap. No Opera. YUK!

    • Drama, suspense, action, scary. NO Sci-Fi.

    • NCIS, CSI (all of them), The Closer (one more season), Saving Grace (til they ended it) , In Plain Sight, The Beast (RIP Patrick), The Voice, DWTS, American Idol. Most all talent shows regarding singing/dancing. Really liking the new shows Rizzoli and Isles and Memphis Beat too. Do I need a life? lol

    • Any by James Patterson or Dean Koontz

    • NASCAR! Go Tony! Tony Stewart 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup CHAMPION!!!

    • My main interest here is to have fun. This is entertainment for me. If I find "Mr. Right'' along the way, great!! If not, at the very least, I've made some new friends, male and female. I won't play mind games so if you want to play that, find someone else to play with. I don't like the rules and no one wins.

    • Some might not say is my 'best' but my honesty and ability to say what I think when I need to say it. And, know when I don't need to.

    • Replace fear of the unknown with curiousity. Originally from Colorado. Guess I was curious to stay in KC. lol

    • Nascar, Pool, Bowling, and oh, did I mention NASCAR?? And I sure don't mind being the bitch on the back of a motorcyle. Take that however you want to!! LOL

    • If your profile is marked 'Private' or has no picture, or someone ELSE'S picture (I know what George Clooney, James Dean AND Bugs Bunny, etc look like), don't bother. If you want privacy so no one can find out anything about you BEFORE they chat with you, that's your right. Is my right to have a 'clue' about someone before I step into muddier waters. I realize that not all pics are who they really are but by having a picture, it lets me 'see' who I am talking to. I will determine whether you've stolen the picture or not. I don't need to be impressed with bullshit. I'd rather have the truth and know the real deal and then deal with it.

    • If you're in ANY kind of relationship, don't bother. If you think 'its complicated' now, wait til you add another woman to the mix!!

    • This isn't a contest to see how many friends I can get. If you don't keep in touch, I'll delete you. I don't play games. Never have. Never will. I lost the popularity contest a long time ago anyway. That's what happens when you don't like the rules.

    • I am also a cancer survivor. Lung. Caught very early and removed. No treatment needed.