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  • Chip W.Royal Pets, Luv ya.


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    Reef Nebula

    HUGS for all that want them. Remeber your loved for being yourself.

    June 2, 2008







  • About Me

    • arcoss the board, country, old rock and even some of the newer stuff, and irish drinking songs

    • The Last starfighter, Simply Irreisitable,Boodock Saints,STARDUST most romace and some adventure movies. Practical Magic

    • I Don't watch TV, I can find better things to do.

    • None at this time.

    • Not any more.

    • TRADING PETS. Sliver working I enjoy making Rings and necklasses video games

    • My dreams change from day to day week to week, for now my dream is dead and gone from my life forever.

    • What's are those?

    • Among other health problems I now also have a bum ticker. One eyed fat old man, seeking romance a bit o adventure and a crazy woman.

    • I care and I listen, my eyes which are gold around the iris, then a steel blue fading into a darker blue.

    • Silver Smithing model building, Fishing, spending time with friends both New and Old

    • More grounded I suppose a cabin in a forest above a beach with one special lady. After all dreams change with age.

    • ChipW