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    April 14, 2008






  • About Me

    • I'm a BIG music fan.Everything from Hip Hop(the REAL Hip Hop.Not the trash you hear on the radio)to Rock(Korn,Slipknot,Metallica just to name a few)and i LOVE the Blues(BB King,Bobby Blue Bland,Stevie Ray Vaughn) some R&B (Jill Scott Anthony Hamilton The Weekend just to name a few) and yes I do listen to country music. DON'T JUDGE ME!!! Lol and i LOVE EVERYTHING 80s !!!.

    • Wow. Too many to list here but a few would be..The 1st trilogy of Star Wars, The Warriors, Raiders of the Lost Ark,Lethal Weapon,Grease, Cooley High,Five Heartbeats, Three the Hard Way,Tombstone,Silverardo,Rebel Without A Cause, King Creole, Saturday Night Fever..just to name a few.

    • Sports,Cartoons,Wrestling,NCIS(both),CSI,Supernatural,Family Guy,The Final Space, All the Marvel shows on Netflix, and probably a few more i cant remember right now.

    • anything by Walter Mosley and James Patterson

    • Football(GO COWBOYS!! GO USC!!), Basketball(GO KNICKS!! GO LAKERS!!), Baseball(GO METS!!), Wrestling(GO WWE! GO ROH!), MMA(GO UFC!)and Boxing.

    • Good Food. Good People. Good Wine. Good Times.

    • My smile. Disagree ?

    • I'm not going to get on here and try to describe myself or my wants and or needs in X amount of words or less.What i will say is this...I am a fun loving,creative , big kid at heart.I'm all man dont get me wrong,but i enjoy letting the kid in me out as much as possible.I've seen and done enough in life to know not to take life any more serious than i have to.I enjoy good convos and exchanging of knowledge and ideas.I'm a sports fan.Or should i say NUT !! Football has been and will always be my fav sport(Go Cowboys!!),but i'm very very much into basketball(Go Knicks and Lakers).I love boxing and baseball(Go Mets) and as much as i may hate to admit it,i'm still very much a fan of pro wrestling.I love the real wrestling too( UFC ,Bellator and Titan

    • Smile.

    • A bevy of things. You just have to ask to find out.