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    Genuine and sincere

    April 14, 2008




  • About Me

    • I love all kinds of music, especially pop and rock. I like dancing and appreciate music and culture from different parts of the world. My favorite Spanish style.

    • Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore acting in heroic scenes, etc not to forget Antonio Banderas in Zorro, Anthony Quinn in epics.

    • I love to travel, gourmet cooking and meet new friends from other parts of the world. I am an extrovert.

    • Honest and straightforward. I don't mind your frankness but I am still very much an Eastern person with deep respect for elders and other people's culture and traditions. I am still conservative and would rather remain this way.

    • Simple, down to earth sort of girl.

    • Would love to know genuine guys who want to know others from other lands. Life is just once, appreciate it!

    • Wouldn't like scamming and con games.

    • Only interested to know guys who are true gentlemen. If you are not genuine don't bother contacting me.

    • The FBI and Interpol are on your way..

    • I am not 38, Computer error. I am 51 .

    • The lady wearing peach colour fur.