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  • About Me

    • i love most music, country,Rock and Roll, Elvis,etc

    • The Handkerchief,Primary Colors,Picture Perfect,Dear John,Titanic, and many more.

    • Law and Order,Bones,Game Shows

    • A Time For Mercy by John Grisham,"The Beginning' BY Michelle Obama,"The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, and many more

    • I like the Olympics and ice skating,started watching football

    • Depending on the season,I like to garden,bake,eat at Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden,window shop,mall walking,listen to music,spend time with family.

    • No more wars,seeing the stars in the sky at night, ,a cure for cancer,, . Maybe winning the lottery, pay off all my debts, help my family out.But...I'm just a dreamer.

    • im told i have soft skin, nice hair,fun personality-like to make people laugh.

    • i 'hibernate' in the cold winter months, but spring outdoors when weather is good..I like to take a walk and see other peoples garden decorations

    • Start your morning by quoting Psalm 118:24 before you get out of bed.Thank Jesus for whatever He has in store for you today.

    • Let your words be your voice.And let your voice be heard within the hearts of others.

    • Between a couple-it would be nice to cuddle up and chat or watch tv together. .Slow dance in the living room while listening to your favorite romantic music.

    • What is love really ? To me, love is a child's laughter,a couple that been together for 30 years, and still look into each others eyes with love and compassion just like they did when they first met.

    • -Real Marriage-Does it actually exist ? I talk with alot of people, a marriage certificate used to mean a special commitment to one another-a close bond within the two hearts and God..But in today's world-marriage certificate is just a piece of paper-has no value-

    • I am not here looking for sex talk ,no phone,no Hangouts or any other app.If you are here to ask for money, move on-I don't have any.You respect me-I will respect you..