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  • kayla

    Over 3 months ago

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    freedom is the greatest thing u can have.

    February 2, 2008




  • About Me

    • Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Led Zeplin, Saliva, Johnny Cash, Breaking Benjamin, halestorm,cher,hell yeah,evans blue,paramore, thousand foot krutch, black veild brides

    • any thing that i can relate to or really like for the action or the content, underworld series.

    • spongebob, simpsons, knight rider

    • look for me by moonlight, cirque de freak, beowulf and anything with loads of fighting or blood and s0me romance but not a whole lot of love.

    • fencing, soccer, baddmittian, and kickball.

    • i do love to travel lots but right now i am so tied down in getting well for my safety and for those around me.

    • let ur dreams take flight and show u the way to the future u have in any way. to be a great writer one day.

    • not shy away from any fight or challenge that will come my way nor let anything from my past ruin my life.

    • i rok and rule the world not to mention rule the human race in genera. i love to be different than anybody

    • my art, voice, height, and defense. i love to fight and win the fight!!!

    • i also want to educate the world on mental illnesses. i also want to a published writer.

    • i currently work at a daycare as a teacher and man do i love my job.