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  • tazzy the juggalette (S.M.P)


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    tired of giving everything and not receiving what i need

    December 28, 2007




    Caucasian/White, Hispanic/Latino, Native American



  • About Me

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    • tenacious d and the pick of destiny, little miss sunshine, dogma, big money hustlers, the grudge, scary movie 1-4, half baked, cheech and chong, the missing, chuck and larry, anything with adam sandler, kill bill, the day after tomorrow, hot fuzz, shaun of the dead, clerks2, resident evil all of them, night of the living dead, american pie all of them,

    • family guy, southpark, ncis,most reality shows, anything anime, music videos, beavis and butthead, niptuck, robot chicken, futurama

    • twilight, anything crime related, non fiction, horror and sometimes romance

    • i love baseball, i used to play hockey its awesome to watch, sometimes like to watch football

    • i like dective stuff, i love music, im a gamer

    • dreams i could sit and tell you a list of my dreams cause i am a huge day dreamer but i would say my dream would have to be find a sweet gurl who wouldn't hurt me at the end of the day

    • i love lips, smiles, and eyes, i love a girls laugh to

    • i was born november 21,1991, i finished job corps and going to move to phx az in oct. i enjoy going to the movies, partying, chilling, and anything invovled wit my friends i like to go club in tj too anything else you want to know email me at or just mail me here

    • ppl say my lips and eyes but u decide

    • i love music, going to shows, hanging out wit homies, im a juggalette so i love meeting new fam, i play quite a few instruments, ice skating, playing sports,

    • a lot of dreams i plan to live my life the way i want....i dream i will find a good girl to do me right and not try to demand in a relationship is all i just want to be happy