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    Reef Nebula

    July 19, 2007



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  • About Me

    • Rock, Soft Rock, Metal, Depressive Black Metal, Very Little Rap, Post-Rock, and Alternative.

    • Don't have any, but if I had to choose I'd say "Final Fantasy Advent Children".

    • Tosh.0, Futurama, American Dad, Family Guy, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Robot Chicken, and Ghost Adventures.

    • Scorpia is my main book (Mafia/Mystery and Crime).

    • Parkour and Free-Running.

    • I love Video Games, gamer for life, always been, always will be, don't like it, kill yourself. I LOVE to run as well.

    • To love all, no matter who loves or hates me. Guess what, I'm living my dream and proud of it.

    • I don't... I don't really know what my best features are. I mean, I guess it's anything you like, I suppose. So, talk to me, get to know me, if you give me your number I hope you like talking to a guy with a soft voice.

    • I'm... Very different from most men out there. I am one of the rare few, I suppose. Also, I'm really 18, but my profile says I'm 20. It won't let me change the age, sadly. :'(... More information feel free to message me for it.