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  • Michael T, Balarama.


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    My Guardian Angel. Dear Angel ever at my side, how lovely you must be-to leave your home in heaven,to guard a child like me.

    July 1, 2007






  • About Me

    • I like rock music, the music of my late friend michael hutchens inxs was great.Gospel music,Indian and Africano music,classical as well as modern.The spiritual world is a song,for without a song,a day is to long,without a song man is not getting along,without a song love has no friend,without a song the road never ends,without a song.

    • Pulp Fiction,True Romance,,Gone with the Wind,Casablanca,Star Wars,Brave Heart,Aliens,Star Trek, Back to the Future,Shane, life on mars. I am in the Bollywood film with priyanka chopra called love in 2050, i played a small part in the film,and they loved me.

    • Single Men,The Cricket-ie Australia verses South Africa in Australia.Twenty Twenty Cricket.

    • The Bible, Torah, Quran, Kabbala, Sufi litratures, Buddhist litratures, Bhagavada Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Teachings of Lord Chaitanya, Manu Samita, Brahma Samita, Tibetin Book of the Dead, Essene Scrolls, Essene Gospel, Pilgrims Progress.

    • Love making,Cricket,Football,Quality Boxing,Mixed Martial Arts,Tennis,and Swimming.

    • Spiritual

    • Spirit

    • Love without service is wasted by time,it is better to sit at a table and eat vegetables where love is than a slaughtered cow with hatred,the heart chakra is crying out for love.The heart of a person is the seat of the soul,therefor look for love in the hearts of your fellow man and woman.Peace and happiness is found in loveing exchanges between the lover and the beloved.Love one another as i have loved you.J.C.

    • Honesty ,Dignity,Morality,Spirituality,I am told that i have a good face, my spirit is beautiful. Kind heart,Warm heart, Brave heart.

    • I like Girls,music ,art,photography,and old books.I am soon to be an author,i work as a Heritage Consultant for the Australian Government.Yet my humanitarian work in India,Nepal,and South Africa is where my heart lies.For the love of the children.I work in Kolkata in Mother teresas hospital each year and in children orphanages in Kolkata, on the streets of kolkata.I work in Orrissa in Jagganatha Puri supplying both food and medicine to the needy.In a place called Brindaven in UP this year in the month of Kartika(october )i intend to purchace one home and live their along the Jamuna river.I love INDIA,Indian culture and the most wonderful people in the world that is Hindustan.

    • That the children of this world may find happiness,for i have seen that their is something wrong with this world,the children are hungry and being exploited.That the people of this planet realise that economic development without human development and spiritual development will fail.Economic development for economic developments sake will not do,people will become dissatisfied with their lives and envious of others material success.My dream is that humanity learns from this mistake and engage themselves in both economic,human and spiritual development for the advancement of the human race.In the gross persuit of material gain the western and european countrys have caused much of the destruction and poverty of the African/Asian countrys. Change is comming for i have a dream that in this Golden age of mother earth mankind will learn (simple living and high thinking) And one day see the face of God . (Goddess Radharani )

    • My Facebook Id is -- Michael John Terry. - please all of my tagged friends, make friends with me on facebook. - Radhey Radhey.