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  • Rahmat M H


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    be a Lonely Man isn't good

    October 2, 2006



  • About Me

    • Avril is a cool girl. Nice & energetic. Muse is also good. Switchfoot, simple plan, Panic! At the Disco, The All, etc For domestics bands: Peterpan, Ungu, Acha Septriyasa , Gita Gutawa (pretty!)

    • Eragon (my memorial movie with sum1 who broke me), The Princess Diaries, Superman Returns (I watched with ma KKN Friends, I miss you guys)

    • All News programs, Live Music/Band Performance, Spongebob Squarepants, Fear Factor, The Dream Band, Jujur apa Engga? (Susahnya nyari org Jujur), The Amazing Race, Let's Dance, MTV Brand New, MTV Screen, all movie programs, all Automotive programs, & all e-lifestyle programs.

    • George M. Doss "Tips OS Red Hat Linux", Patrick Naughton "JAVA Handbook", Mauladi "Tips & Trik Linux", Aat Shadewa "Seni Pemrograman Virus", Edhie Sutanta "Sistem Basis Data", All my Lecture Handbook ;-) Ngapusi lo... n also, my religion holy book, Kitabullah.

    • swim, jogging, cycling, fitness, etc

    • Am just like ordinary person, 178 cms 70 kgs. brown eyes, black straight hair If I can describe myself: I'm a quiet person (sometimes), sometimes ugly but kind , helpful to someone who need help. I am a perfectionist, manageable also keep everything neat. Don't believe it? Just Check my room. And also, I hate wasting money & time so much.

    • I want some one who can give me spirit to run on my life. Until now, no one who can accepted me. Why? I think she isn't my soulmate. I wonder who is my soulmate? Why I always failed if I want to make a relationship. I hope someday there's someone can brighten up my life. Please visit my web: There's tips how to earn money from the internet (100% Free), free SMS to all Indonesian Operator, etc... That is my new website. My Earlier website address is: Please give me suggestion too or maybe we can share.

    • I study in informatic engineering Institute of Science and Technology Akprind (ISTA) in Jogja city, Indonesia.

    • Computer, Technology, Internet, doing Sports

    • I wanna to be a successful person. Just simple dream and everyone want it too, right?

    • Finishing my study. Huh,, so boring.

    •,,,,, and more. I can't write here cause it can't allowed by Tagged. Just visit one of those account and see my other accounts.