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  • About Me

    • Eclectic begins to cover the range. You may find me listening to almost anything from raunchy comedy (I am an adult after all) to opera with a few stops along the way for some folk-jazz-blues-skiffle-mellow-metal-country songs too, and there aren't a lot of them available. Etta James and BB King any time.

    • Sports News More Sports Sports News Still More Sports More Sports News

    • For a deep simplicity, there are only two, The Old Man and the Sea and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Why are modern novels all required to have a central section with people jumping into and out of the other characters' beds with no effect on the central plot?

    • Go Big Blue! And that is not a reference to IBM. Baseball and NASCAR off seasons are BO--RING! Something will get me through until Daytona and spring training, somehow, I hope. The college hockey schedule is set and I know what I'll be doing several evenings during the fall and winter. Above all, Go, Soaring Eagles! As far as participating, my active sports days are almost over. Competitive shooting, hunting and fishing, some hiking and chasing grandchildren about cover it. The little guy's favorte game of "Chase Me, Grampa!" is enough activity.

    • You may also find me as DJ Mellow at Cosy Clan Radio where if we had any more fun, it would be illegal or taxed.

    • A dream shared has become a common goal.

    • Always smile, even if it is only a sad smile because the only thing sadder than a sad smile is not knowing how to smile at all.

    • If you wish to not hate, then learn. We hate what we fear and we fear out of ignorance. Understand and free your mind from the bonds you have allowed to hold it captive. On the other hand, if you prefer to hate people and things, just stay an ignorant S.O.B.

    • I am a calculating and cold-blooded killer - of clay pigeons, sometimes, unless I miss. I'm a member of a county-appointed, volunteer environmental advisory group and certified as a hunter safety instructor. The best part of life is being a grampa, though.

    • Forgiveness is not something we dispense for others. Until we can truly forgive, we are stuck in the mistakes of the past, whether ours or others', and are unable to continue to advance in our lives.

    • If your profile is hidden, please do not waste our time clicking Yes on me. If you are ashamed of yourself, why would I be interested in meeting you?

    • The line above about in a relationship is very serious, not a beginning point for negotiations.

    • Speak to people in a way that if they died the next day, you would be satisfied with the last thing you said to them.