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    Wu-Nuwaup Is My Science. EYE am a NUWAUPIAN ONTOLOGIST

    May 29, 2007






  • About Me

    • Dr. M. Z. York (The Love Man), Bob Marley, Queen Omega

    • Stargate, Jurassic Park, Matrix, Lost, Da Vinci Code. All movies with a message / lesson.

    • Stargate, etc. Similar thought patterns as above.

    • Everything by Dr. Malachi Z. York. Non-Fiction especially scientific literature.

    • Basketball (I coach), Table tennis. Would love to kayak. Watch almost any sport when I get the time.

    • Nuwaupu, reading, research, mental elevation. Health & Fitness (was 320 lbs). Basketball, table tennis, swimming. Alkaline diet.

    • Save everyone from chronic diseases. I totally conquered Type 2 Diabetes & High Blood Pressure. Doctor took me off medication. Now I lecture. Contact me for health. I accept PayPal payments.

    • My Brain / Mind (Intelligence is the new sexy), my openness, my deep respect for our Womenfolk. My determination to be honest.

    • I do not consume alcohol. My spirits are enough to get me by. Let Fernandez & Co. keep theirs. I do not smoke. I eat neither meat nor fish. I practice an alkaline diet. I am a DC Power Engineer, I prepare Business Plans & I am a Graphic Designer.

    • Honesty. Humility, while creating proud situations. Team Players.If I decide to find a lady, she must be intelligent, humble (but not a coward), tolerant and industrious. Non-Smokers. Non-Alcoholics. Open Mind.

    • Bobbi C (Squid4Duck)(1144) Dec 24,2009

    • Never judge a situation on the testimony of one person if it can be avoided, get as many testimonies as possible, and the truth finds itself. Old saying: The cow that 'bawling' is not necessarily the one that needs water.

    • The first thing you need to do is to change the type of salt you use. Table salt contains detergent, bleach, free flow agents and more. And you thought you were only consuming salt.

    • I am a Nuwaupian. My religion is therefore myself. The science of myself and how I work with everything to maintain balance. Tribal.....what religion is a Red Indian or any other tribal group.

    • That the world becomes more tolerant and caring. Lazy people ridicule others. Too lazy to do better. Industrious persons build Leaders. Always working.

    • DC Power Installation & Maintenance, Alkaline Health Lecturer, Professional Business Plan Preparation, Typing Services, Graphic Design.