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    The search for wisdom begins with the willingness to think. A search for knowledge begins with a willingness to learn.

    March 18, 2006






  • About Me

    • I like most it varies

    • It varies

    • It varies

    • Football, Basketball

    • Traveling

    • ??

    • I enjoy networking with successful businessl minded people and help as many people as I can become successful…. Whether you are; * looking to get out of your current financial situation * you make a ton of money but have no time * you want to help others by giving more * you just like money and want more of it Regardless of where you fit in. If you have the following criteria; * Hungry for success * Coachable * Willingness to work * Ambitious * Want financial Freedom I am just an guy with above average goals and inspirations. I am an entrepreneur focused on helping others get what they want in life. I have been blessed to meet wonderful people who have dramatically changed my life in every aspect of my life and I want to help as many people do the same.

    • In mine and gods eyes everything

    • Traveling and helping people to still believe in their dreams and becoming financially Free

    • To stay humble in everything I do. And one day find that one lady that will love me for me and not for what i can offer her. and have a family that has every thing I couldn't have when I was growing up.