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    Not interested in dating. Not interested in any relationship, but do appreciate friends. I like networking for creative resources.

    March 21, 2007



    Native American



  • About Me

    • Trance/ Dance / International/Led Zeppelin

    • The Secret

    • Don't watch TV

    • Books from my course work with Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, that is not on the menu for Advanced Education Ancient Philosophy Deepak Chopra Alternative Healing Methods Creative Marketing Creative Expression Art /Play/ Drama Therapy Innovation Shamanism Intuition Spirituality Good News Only -when possible

    • Dancing

    • Metaphysics

    • Moving to New Mexico. Ha! Now I am in New Mexico, see how that works! hahaha, like magic...

    • Sense of Humor

    • Still Very Busy, ...but staying in the moment.

    • Usui System 2nd Degree

    • Spirit / Mind / Body Connection ... assistance with healing spirit, healing mind, and healing body. This includes healing lifestyle! Assistance with manifesting dreams.

    • Other ways of Marketing...

    • Experienced in working with groups and individuals, adults and children.

    • Marketing & Management

    • There seems to be a belief that psychologist judge people. The opposite is true, at least for Transpersonal Psychology, we realize the value of authenticity. There are no scales to measure the unlimited potential within every individual. I see it, the crown of possibilities, waiting to be born as every individual has a calling! and only "you" know what that is. Only you can manifest your 'true power' ...I just love to help.

    • Just as person is a unique necessary part of creation, so is religion. I don't pick them apart. I only look for the Golden Threads, which they 'all' contain ...and stepping back, the entire tapestry is revealed! It's our Mother Earth! Every living thing is an earthling. Let us not pick apart the web of life with opposition.l We all really have the same goal and desire, to be happy, to share love with our families, friends, and we all appreciate nature. We all have desires and fears, we all get tired and hungry. We all have dreams. Deep within we are all the same. What is of our 'true nature' is the same. How we express desire is how we are unique. I may express prayer in stillness, you may express prayer in running. It doesn't matter. There is one commandment that really covers all others, and we all were born knowing it: Love your neighbor. If we all 'really' did this, there would be... heaven on earth. In fact, Earth really is the Garden of Eden! Only with human thought is it turned into hell. We are just ants, that may be washed away by a big wave. Don't worry about it, just enjoy life until it happens. hehehe

    • Doing this right is Fun stuff! It's about recognizing what 'really' moves your heart deep within, and then bringing it out!

    • I have the authority to perform all sacerdotal Rites of the Church. Weddings $60. Highly recommend marriage counseling first! It can prevent a lot of unnecessary struggles later. The biggest problem with marriage is that most often each person has unspoken expectations that they assume are mutual, when the other person has 'different' unspoken expectations. This makes the first few years of marriage challenging to match up those images so they are congruent, rather than conflicting. If you are planning to get married, discuss issues that you feel very strongly about, and find out what issues your soul mate feels very strongly about, children, moving, career, education, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and goals. Having unrealistic expectations will create disappointment. One new wife complained they never have enough money. Her husband desiring to make her happy, took on a second job. Then his wife complained that they never have enough time together. It's really sad, when we don't realize how unrealistic expectations can break up people up. They divorced.

    • Non-profit help with alternative care, especially for people that have been told by doctors that there is little or nothing they can do. There are choices! Healthy choices with positive side effects. People with cancer, aids, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Gallbladder Dysfunction, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Obesity. People who struggle with, Tiredness, Frequent Colds, Flu, Or Infections, Bladder Infections, Food Allergies, Constipation, Feeling Bloated Or Gassy, Sugar Addiction, Achy Joints Or Muscles. People who want to, Lose a Few Pounds, Have More Energy, Clear Your Head, Avoid Dis-Ease, Feel More Vital and Alive, Improve the Quality of Your Life. Dr. Bera Dordoni, N.D. Phone: (505) 867-5616 Email:, Website: Naturopathic Doctor promoting: Alternative Medicine Education, through the Bastis Foundation, a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization that’s mission is to help people feel better, by learning of choices that involve natural and organic remedies to restore health through complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) education and support for informed healthcare choices.

    • Cream that doesn't hurt your liver like ibuprofen. It may be okay for an occasional headache, but if you need to take it often it is very unhealthy for your liver. This Arthritis Ease On Out , is cream that works so well, that there is 100% refund if your not thrilled with the results. Les Collins (505) 804- 6831 $39.95 plus shipping.

    • A collaboration of Non-Profits working to protect the environment and human rights, globally. Working on unifying efforts to get our goals accomplished, primarily seeing that people have access to clean water, energy, and to help preserve the rain forests from corporates buying it up, while it is the home of indigenous peoples! They being ignored, and need help! Coordinator:

    • D. Scares the Hawk is starting a program to help preserve the cultural arts and language by helping artists collaborate in creative expression, and establishing language resources that will keep native languages alive!

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