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  • Suzi S


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    March 12, 2007





  • About Me

    • I listen to all kinds of music but I prefer country. I hate the music that promotes violence, and do not listen to any song where you cannot even understand the words. Alot of the groups I listen to are unknown to the kids of this generation, but their "music"(????) isnt even music to me. As for favorite groups, I like Bad Company, Meatloaf, Staind, Jack Johnson, Alan Jackson, Reba( her song "The Stairs" says it all about life.

    • I'm not much of a movie buff. Most of what I get to watch appeals to a 6 year old!!! I did enjoy "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" and the movie "Beaches" is my all time fav.

    • House rocks. I love the attitude that Hugh Laurie brings to the character and wish I could find a doctor who is as straight forward as House. Then maybe I could be cured and not have to live in pain anymore. I my wildest dreams, but I can still wish. Other than that all I watch on TV is news and specials. I like true stories.

    • I read alot of the Amish novels by Beverly Lewis. I also enjoy Patricia Cornwell or James Patterson as well as Grissom. I enjoy reading true accounts of historic events, and Autobiographies.

    • As you can see by the pictures I have posted I am a Buckeyes Fan. Jesus must be a fan of the Buckeyes too by looking at the picture. But seriously...who wants to pay to watch a bunch of guys running around on a field making more money in one game than we make in a year...and have to pay to watch them do it. What ever happened to sports for the fun of the game????? Give me a TeeBall game where the kids are messing up...running the bases backward...missing easy catches...and HAVING A BLAST PLAYING for no money at all....just the sheer enjoyment of an innocent child!!!!!

    • My interests include photography...especially while traveling. I enjoy making friends, and studying the classics as well as visiting historic places.

    • I dream of a world where people do not have to hurt people for the benefit of others. How is it rational to kill people and say yo9u are fighting for peace. Thats like screwing in the name of promoting birth control!!!!! If I couyld wake up each morning with no pain and know that noone was going to cause me emotional pain that day, I would be in nirvana.

    • My best feature.......would probably have to be my eyes. They are very expressive and have oft times gotten me into more trouble than I wanted to handle!

    • If everyone on earth treated others how they wish to be treated themselves then the world would be a much happier place. I believe we should teach children to love before the world teaches them to hate. If more parents would spend TIME with their children instead of MONEY on the children we would probably have a much more peaceful society......................................If what I see today in our children is the future of our country we are in GRAVE DANGER!!!!!

    • I dont think I really have a best feature unles it would be my eyes. I have always liked them even though they get me into trouble on occasion. They have been called bedroom eyes...they shoot lightning when I am angry, and twinkle when I am happy!!!

    • Usually trouble!!!!! No really, I enjoy motorcycling, art, long walks in the sunshine, swimming, gardening....anything that takes me outdoors.

    • I dream about alot of things. Idream of happiness. I dream of the day I wake up and have NO PAIN!!! I dream of the day I can afford to travel all around the world...see exotic places and learn to appreciate the beautiful country and freedoms we enjoy right here in the good ol' USA!!!!!

    • Family is number one with me. I wil do anything to help my family and those who I consider friends. My motto in life is " Shoot my dog, burn my house down, steal my car..and I might turn the other cheek...but mess with my family and you will have me to answer to". There will not be a safe place on this planet for the person who is brave enough to do anything to hurt my family!!!!!!