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    "An open mind sees more than one that is closed"

    March 4, 2007






  • About Me

    • My favorite is Evanescence and Nox Arcana. I also like Egyptian & Moroccan music. Korn, Disturbed, Godsmack, Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, etc

    • Underworld & Underworld Evolution, Queen of the Damned, Dracula 2000, horror movies, comedy, action, sci fi. No chic flicks

    • Vampire Diaries

    • Horror or Sci Fi

    • Hockey

    • Crafts, music, my forum, people I can trust, friends, playtime, crotch rockets, learning to be a dominatrix ***crack that whip*** , history research

    • To find my dark haired blue eyed vampire love.Not that it will ever happen but that's why they call it dreams?

    • My I've been told

    • No I don't live in Boston...I just don't like having it show where I really live. It's no one's business but mine. If you get to know me and I trust you I will tell you but until then fuck off. I'ts play time....I like to hang out with friends, looking to make new friends and maybe hang out. I like men and women both equally. I live and love on the dark side of the tracks if you haven't noticed. I don't like fake people. If you feel you have to be fake with me to be my friend then you aren't worth my time and have insecurity issues. Get a life. Please don't send me an email (especially guys) telling me you wanna want to show me a good time...give me pet names..when you are doing that you are lowering yourself on the food chain. That is such a turn off. I'm here to make friends, that's it. I'm already in a relationship I can't stand...why would I want another one. Men....quit being so needy. I don't know what else to say...if you want to know just ask and if you don't like my answer then oh the fuck wel.

    • vampires, wicca, women, men, bondage, crotch rockets, racing cars, getting dirty (all kinds of dirty)

    • Heath Ledger. YUUUUMMMMMYYYYY.

    •'m not goth I just like the color. And yes I know it's not a color, but I can say what I want. Get the fuck over it.

    • Italian is my favorite. Anything pasta. Can't do dairy all that much, doesn't agree with me. Give me a big fat juicy rare steak....yuuummy

    • I am very open but honest. If you ask me a question I will give you my best honest answer so make sure you want to hear the answer before you ask the question. I don't hold anything back...if I don't like you I will tell you. I am trustworthy and reliable but don't fuck me over. I am very loyal to the people I trust but fuck me over and you have messed with the wrong bitch. I love to help others but only if they are willing to recieve the help. I loathe cocky and conceded people as well as selfish people. I may have an attitude but I can be very sweet and loving too. I have been stabbed in the heart more than I care to count so I've earned the attitude. You will have to get to know me to find out how snuggly I can be **wink wink ...smiles***

    • Dark hair, blue yes, medium to slender build, open personality, honest, truthful, funny, sweet, wild and riske', not afraid to take risks, has an open mind. If you have a sport bike you have an edge. LOL's the truth. I find them sexy as hell with women or men on them.