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  • Troy H


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    April 26, 2007



    Deutsch, English



  • About Me

    • If it sounds good to me ill listen to it if i think its crap i wont , i don't care who the artist is or the song , i like one song from one and might hate another song they do if you know what i mean

    • pretty much any thing except sappy girly ones ok i'm teasing yes ill watch a girlie movie , but on occasion , ill watch some like steel magnolias , what dreams may come there ok , my absolute favs are sci-fi ,horror , anime / manga / hentai, I will watch anything once just to see if i like it,you sort of have to, never know if something others say is bad you might like

    • I watch allot of crime shows , CSI-Miami / NY / Las Vegas , 48 Hours, OCC, Anime series and movies

    • Not into sports

    • Working hard , doing my best to make it through the days that are ahead of me and cursing the days behind me !