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    February 15, 2007





  • About Me

    • classical carnatic music-Thanjavur was the centre of this music during Britsh regime, so they named it as Carnatic music

    • Dr Rajkumar, Raj Kapoor, Vyjayantimala, Hema Malini Boot Polish, Jagte Raho, School Master

    • who wants to be Millionare

    • Biographies of grate personalities, I have read more than 50 of such unforgettable persons who have left a trail in human history-this is real lesson to me.

    • cricket, Anil Kumble

    • Internet Browsing, Reading Books, Discussions

    • Elimination of poverty totally in India

    • I love my gifts God has endowed me with even at the time of my birth

    • Cool headed,intellegent, industrious, helpful, sociable, well Educated person. Absolutely harmless in company, lovable in sharing of thoughts and deeds.

    • we have created barriers among ourselves otherwise there are only natural boundaries which seperate humans by race, creed, religion, language etc

    • God has created all human beings alike, we have fallen apart due to our EGO

    • There has been good lot of study/research on this wonderful topic, the most recent one acceptable to me is-it is an assemblage of thoughts from previous births, now continuing into two parts as 1.concious mind 2.sub-concious mind. This is analogous to temp/reserved memory of a computer and memory in hard disc of it.