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  • About Me

    • I mostly listen to Country and Southern Rock but I do like all kinds of music from Classical to Heavy Metal.

    • All kinds to a point. I have seen some realy bad ones and some great films. I gues it would depend on the movie. I have seen some really great forgien language films(subtitled of course) that I have watch a few times. Love the comedies and of course action adventure(What guy doesn't?) Just depends what I want to see, including "kids movies".

    • Sons of Anarchy, Burn Notice, Two and A half Men, Smoking Gun Dumbest...and a few others.

    • I mostly read trade magazines, EASYRIDER, BIKER, IN THE WIND, and Muscle Fitness, I like Adventure Books (Mostly Western) and believe it or else books that give you KNOWLEDGE.

    • Depends on the day

    • I stopped Dreaming

    • ????????????

    • I like my Coffee Black, Beer Dark and at room temp., BOURBON Straight and whiskey too,

    • I don't think I have any

    • UUUMMMM Let me see Riding around on the Harley. I also like to workout with weights to try to stay healthy.

    • I stopped Dreaming.