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  • habib


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    i'll be so happy to meet new friends and know guys and girls from every where but the thing I'm really looking for is a serious long term relation

    January 18, 2007



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  • About Me

    • salsa, tango, slow, blues i like johnny cash a lot, michael bolton, tracy chapman, ronan keating, west life, yani, i also like amr diab, and adore mounir and monib

    • fire proof, harry potter, you've got mail, gone in 60 seconds, meeting forrester, hooks i like anthony hopkins, nicholas cage, leonardo de caprio

    • prison break, heroes, alias, 24, but i hate to be kept waiting, so i actually watch the episodes one after the other on my pc not on tv!!!!!

    • i read so much, tawfik elhakim is my number one writter, then nagiub mahfouz, ehsan abd elkodous, yousef edris, yousef elsebai, yehya ha2y, kamel habib, mobasan, tolestoy, ghorky, boshkin, the great dostoivesky, dan brown, shakespeare,lord byron, william wordsworth (i love the "untrodden road") gabriel garcia marquiz-100 years in solitery-, herman hesse, somerest mom, bernard shaw and many others

    • athlets, godo, swimming, tennis, football

    • photographing, deep water trolling fishing, reading, smoking!!!, and travelling

    • to be the petroleum minister!!!!

    • simple, very kind, smart, passionate, handsome, or at least i think so!!!

    • I'm down to earth honest simple sensitive compassionate straightforward pure soul romantic and warm friends say I’m a true gentleman with good soul..I like music ballet opera arts swimming diving travelling deep water fishing reading books and going to cinemas and photography, I want to have new friends and may be I’ll meet my soulmate and have a beautiful serious relationship and spend the rest of our lives together 🌷Please if you’re married engaged or in a relationship please don’t send me any messages