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    Naughty Girls Do Have More Fun.. So, I'm Really Not Looking 4 The Sanctified Chic In You!

    January 13, 2007





  • About Me

    • reggae, world music, deep soul house, Compa, Zouk muzic, merenge, salsa, Afro Beats - funk of the drum moves the blood

    • sci-fi, action, drama, history, cultural anthropology

    • Marvel Comics, Lucifer, Put a Ring on It

    • I recommend the author Osho! I read non-fiction, Metaphysics books, I'm into Culture and History

    • Travel, Biking, Kink-Fetish/bdsm

    • Yes, I'm ole school still... believing in Love and Happiness can still be mine to share with you

    • My lips

    • Please don't waste my time with bs! Help make the day a brighter day... share luv, give good head, and be nice :-) If I hit you up, trust that I'm digging you and would love to genuinely make a connection... so how about it? **For the more shallow thinkers out here... I'm NOT looking for you to be my 'Jump-Off' nor am I yours! I'm looking for fun, sincerity and CONSISTENCY in what ever connection we make! I practice "Ethical" non-monogamy *PolyAmory -yes, it works and keeps life spiced, "mutually" satisfying and gives us a platform of honest transparency with each other! I'm not about coddling your insecurities but I'll help you work through them and have better relationships. Let's be friends, let's be lovers, let's be more! Hit me up because I'm looking for you 😘