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  • Shelley B.

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    Hurt me with the truth rather than hurt me with a lie. Truth warrants respect; a lie just makes you a liar.

    January 3, 2007




    Caucasian/White, Native American

  • About Me

    • I like jazz, some rock, and oldies

    • Movies don't usually go, but I do like to rent movies and stay at home. I like drama and scarey movies

    • Chicago Meds

    • Steven Koontz

    • hockey

    • my personality and my eyes and smile

    • There is only black and white, grey does not exist in my dictionary. Smoke and mirrors do not turn me on, only the real stuff does. Show me your true colors and I will speak from my heart and not the mind Please no one in a relationship get a hold of me. I'm looking for single men. I wouldn't like it if I was seeing someone and found out he was married or had steady lady friend.

    • My personality I love to laugh, life to short not to. Oh yes people say I have pretty eyes and nice smile.

    • I like reading, walking, especially when I take my dog with me. I like listening to music, gardening, just most anything that deals with the outdoors.

    • I really don't have any dreams, I'm pretty happy the way things are now. Oh yes maybe one dream I like to win the lotto, but I guess I would have to play if I wanted to win.LOL