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  • Sheira The Sweetest Southern Girl


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    December 29, 2006






  • About Me

    • I love the blues.... I like wrapping myself in the Blues .... and drinking some cheap wine... yes for some reason it has to be cheap.....

    • Anything with ultra violence.... I love smart action films and thrillers. My favorite movie is Brotherhood of the Wolf.

    • True Blood, Lost, Flash Foward, Star Trek especially deep space 9, BSG but I do not like Caprica

    • Embarassing but true I like romance novels. I especially like lesbian romance novels. I like to sit down and relax to a little mind candy when I read.

    • I hate sports

    • people watching and drinking are my favorite hobbies. I also love camping. But there must be a shower. Just because I like to drink and talk smack in a different setting than my home it makes me feel like I am doing something. I love animals especially dogs. I have 2 dogs, 1 bichon and 1 chocolate poodle. I love when I come home and they do the momma dance. lol

    • I dream of a world where lesbians can just drink a little beer play a little pool and mess around a little and not get dramatic about it

    • Great smile skin softer than a baby's bum.....I am a grown woman in my 30's but I look like I am in early 20's

    • I like tagged because it is easier to play games such as pets sl and mafia wars on this site. Tagged is more anonymous. I am not here to meet the next love of my life or date. I just like playing games on this site. On the other hand if you think you can convince me otherwise more power to you. I love the South. The people and the places in the Southern United States are the best in the world. We might have had a difficult past and maybe a difficult pressent, but it only make us better and stronger. God bless the South. I do not take life too seriously. I think that we should all enjoy ourselves. In the vast universe and vast time I do not think that what we do really matters, so we should all enjoy.