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  • Lori "SpiritHealer" Ty Owners

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    December 26, 2006



    Native American



  • About Me

    • I love country, 80s, soft rock, anything except the scream hard rock!

    • csi, law and order, all the shows. i love extreme home make over, mamma mia, native american movies. overhaul. american chopper, miami ink. cooking challeges. cake shows. nature shows.

    • all above! oops i see i wasnt paying attention, i just kept on typing! shame on me

    • well, i love to read, native american romances, yep as you can tell i am native american.

    • well now, i like nascar watching , never been to see a race, i will watch football, watch out i yell right along with the guys. i like hockey. watching that is!! i love watching monster trucks. playing in the mud ... hey its fun getting muddy i wash up well. i love 4 wheeling . jump in a truck and head out to explore nature.

    • well i have soo many. animals, nature of all kinds. camping , fishing. goingot a movie once and a while, hey why not.. its fun! blush!

    • to be able to pet a wolf!!!!to find that special someone that would enjoy my company. maybe spend the rest of his life with me! i dont have many dreams as i feel life will take me where it wishes. i just pray it is in a postive direction!

    • hahaha! hmmm ill leave that up to you to decide.. my eyes i think!

    • I got to thinking about this section of my profile, and felt its time for a update and change. I know that many start off by saying "im a honest and caring person", well I am. but theres so much more to this girl! I am a Animal lover,a lover of all that was greated by The great spirit. I can be goofy at times, who isn't haha.But i also have one very big serious side, and a side thats very romantic. Now by saying the word romantic. I bet I'll get messages asking for my yahoo imm.. Think again..NOT. Why? Because Sex, making love is not something i freely give out.I make love, and in saying that, Making love is done with someone you love and care deeply about! I AM NOT A ONE NIGHT STAND!! How about a walk in the park or just around the block, lets take in a movie hehe. Ok, I guess by now you have reralized one thing about me.... I am OLD FASHIONED when it comes to my heart and giving love... I take it very serious. So, turn around and take a hike if you just want to cyber lol it isnt going to happen.. I do love wolves,cats and horses. But all animals will always get my love!OMG, Flowers, Love them. all of them...I love fishing, camping, and please dont cont- below!!!

    • don't bring a tv or video game, or mp3. lets rough it, isn't that what camping's all about!!! I clean up well, if we go play in the mud, 4 wheeling around getting as muddy as we can.. oh yess... and guys, hehe I love hockey and football!!!! okay, enough, you get the picture. Guys, I am 62 just saying!!!

    • I'm tired of you little "boys"yes I said "boys"--cause you sure arent men-- out there thinking us women are stupid enough to fall for your line of crap and then trying to hit us up for money--GET A FREAKING JOB--you know who you are--if your not real--DONT WASTE MY TIME!!!!!!WHATS WITH MEN FROM NIGERIA ...YOU THINK WOMEN ARE STUPID... BUT WE CATCH ON....

    • soon