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    red curtain

    Not all those who wander are lost

    December 11, 2006






  • About Me

    • i enjoy most types of music all but country

    • The Happening. Butterfly Effect 1&2, the Grudge part one ,The Lake House,moulan rouge,Resident Evil 1,2,3,4

    • although i do not watch much tv i like drama and series....been watching idol and off the map. like greys too...

    • Steven King, Dean R , Horror books

    • i enjoy dallas cowboys,NewYork yankees,nascar( 88 baby), manchester monarch, boston bruins. LA lakers..

    • ???? what interest me? most anything... love a challenge... love sports and doing and being in the moment....

    • I Dream of falling in love,growing old with my friend,lover. having compassion and knowing i made a difference in life...Touching lives of others and making my mark in life

    • I have been told i have great compassion for others..i have great eyes and my ass is hott ( have to ask my man on that)

    • i am so Happy in life. ...I am so glad that good things fall apart to make better things happen. patience is good and very much life lesson.... when you stop and take a moment the real and best things fall into place.

    • Butterfly on backside and sun on left arm. half nice half dominic bear on right arm

    • sometmes we need to expereince the worse to know how to suffer and grow,,lessons are not all easy but once learnt we can go forward to better things...i know pain heartache and love....