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  • Universal Studios - Orlando Florida


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    May 7, 2007





  • About Me

    • Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, Rihanna, Eminem,Aleisha Keys, Whitney Houston, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Shakira, Lil Wayne, etc.

    • Avengers, Avatar, Batman:The Dark Knight, Jumper, Inception

    • True Blood, 2 and Two and 1/2 Men

    • Anything with business, money, or sports!

    • Basketball, Football, Baseball, MMA, Soccer, etc

    • Friends, dating, wealth!

    • Sky's The Limit! "Plan Your Road Map On How To Achieve Your Goal (Dream)"

    • My Smile, my hands, my butt, my personality

    • I am outgoing, kind, hard working, goal-oriented, thoughtful, optimistic and I like to have fun! I like traveling, vacationing, etc.!

    • Have a good day!