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  • mamabear98802

    Over 3 months ago

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    Purple haze

    Just to let you all know I am a professional seamstress, also do other handicrafts!

    November 23, 2006




    Caucasian/White, Native American



  • About Me

    • country, and most all other music, except for rap

    • romance,comedy,startrek,lord of the rings,harry potter,and old movies!

    • charmed, cedar cove

    • paranormal romances,mysteries, highlanders series, herbal healing and healing stones books !

    • crocheting knitting, studing about the healing properties of herbs and stones,sewing, learning new things every day

    • My largest dream is that there was no more domestic violence in the world! also that everyone could live in peace and harmony with everyone and everything in life!

    • my eyes and my caring and loving nature!

    • i have a very loving and caring nature! I am a strong supporter for stamping out all domestic violence in the world! Iam a survivior of domestic violence!