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  • Confederate265


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    Wake up and act as if it were your last day on this Earth, and enjoy what you have and be grateful that you do have it.

    November 23, 2006




  • About Me

    • 80's tunes, classic music, country, and pop.

    • The Passion of the Christ, The Time Machine, the Shootist with John Wayne, and Iron-Man.

    • Two & a half men, the Mentalist, and the Sci-Fi channel.

    • The Bible, The spear of destiny; and the Federalist papers.


    • That new survivalist movement has gotten my attention. Especially, in today's world. Also, the Douay Rheims Bible.

    • I dream of peace, love, and success.

    • Brain......

    • Be grateful, there exists people throughout the World that have nothing. Also, I recently found out that all the great ladies out there are either married or live down South.

    • My medium brown Italian eyes.

    • Tell you later, it is much too long.

    • I often dream of a country which actually follows its Constitution instead of always finding ways in attempting to erode and chip away at it daily.

    • To be properous, joyous, good-natured, well mannered, always faithful to my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.