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  • Mike F


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    Aloha from Hawaii! ..Am now in Georgia,,my daughter and all cars are in Hampton Ga

    November 21, 2006






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    • Oldies but Goodies..Country and Western and of course Hawaiian !!

    • Twilight

    • Law and Order..Cops...Old movies

    • The Perfect Storm...

    • Nascar races and classsic car events..dancing

    • The ocean and classic cars.

    • A lady to share the beauty of the South with.

    • ?????????????????????????

    • Looking for a lady that would like to traval and see the sights... ... just some one who would love to be my lady..I am fairly handsome.. healthy..and live a block from Atlanta Motor Speedway also go to the other Nascar tracks....I love classic cars and own a 57' Chevy to cruise the Southeast. The sunny beaches of Florida are only a hop and skip away Would move for the right soul mate. Its not the location but the person that matters. Looking for a serious relationship only..