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    Life is whatever you make my profile to get to know me better before contacting me.

    November 19, 2006



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  • About Me

    • soft rock, r and b, oldies (60's thru 90's). Lara Fabian, French singer Rocks!(esp in the video Papa Can you hear me[Montreal, 1996]....on my widget below, Mademoiselle Hyde is part of Zhivago [2010, released in 2013 I believe]).

    • action, romantic comedy, and comedy

    • I finally gave up on that addiction(TV)!

    • Romance (mostly...but will read other stuff as well). "Wicked, and the sequel "Son of a Witch" are superb! I don't read physical books anymore but fan fictions or books I download in pdf forms online such as The Law of One.

    • Started judo (Nov 2012)... A judo tournament the first weekend in Mar 2013...hopefully I can still type to update this after ;))(update - I won in the judo tournament).Further update, I started playing judo again here in England after 2 whole years of not playing....gosh, lot's more violent here with the kiddoes....still having a blast! I haven't done judo since 2015, I hope to pick it and yoga up at a future date. I did pick up yoga for a day in June 2017 and twisted my ankle which put me out of commission for a very long time as I was active duty military. I just started back up with exercising slowly in October 2021....aerobics, theraband, yoga [started in December 2021... so far so good... still going strong in 2023]... started boxing 24 Jan 2022 [and will be there again 31 Jan 2022....this is a new thing, so I don't know if the group that is doing this "clinic" for veterans will continue it after 31 Jan 2022- Boxing stilling going on in 2023- haven't made time to go yet]. I will be starting Tai Chi Feb 2022. Still doing Tai Chi in 2023 over a year later.

    • Friendship is awesome and we can talk via e-mail on here...just DON'T REQUEST ADDS for friendship. Reading, gardening [just started urban gardening {Oct 2020}- at the composting stage now 30 Jan 2022.... built a greenhouse for my mom between March-May 2020.... }, eating healthy organic food [hence starting my own garden from scratch- looking to source fruit trees, I just got an orange tree 29 Jan 2022.... looking to contact a nursery that has more tropical trees over 1200 miles from me to purchase and bring back - bought in March 2022 & ~60% died within a year... also looking for rural land so I can start a food forest... in the interim, whatever fruit trees I have will stay in containers since Fall 2020 and now Spring 2023. 1st fruit sapling (mulberry) bearing Apr 2023 [again in Aug 2023]! As mentioned in sports above doing different types of exercise... doing a lot of legal research since July 2020 to battle criminals as a pro se litigant [I have put well over 10,000 hours in since 29 Jul 2020 and there is only 8,760 hours in a year.]. I am also doing spiritual research [The Law of One mentioned above in Books, is just one of many aspects as well as the Christian Bible].

    • Living life to the fullest...

    • Heart... however, this is in the eye of the beholder.

    • I currently live in TX... and I lived in England for 3 years but I changed my profile to Jamaica (where I am from originally [first ~19 years of life]). I log in primarily to play pets and give luvs... anyone interested in knowing me can ask. Looking forward to meeting lots of great people (males and females) on this site! I am NOT LOOKING for any hook-up! I log in primarily to play pets and give luvs...anyone interested in knowing me can ask. From my experience here on TAGGED....people don't usually stay in touch and they are mostly about looking at your pics...I haven't updated any on here in years (the lip pix is a recent one for pets and not an actual picture of my lips) on here. My secondary profile is the first person on my friend's list (another lip picture eating a strawberry). Feel free to buy this or other profile as pets ;)

    • Folks, QUIT BUGGING ME about MSN,yahoo, WhatsApp, etc. TAGGED IS IT as far as communication goes!

    • If you have read this far, hang in there ;). I am not into crass talk,sex talk, slangs, etc. E-mails are a limited way to communicate, there is no tone of voice or body language to help interpret your please do us both a favor and edit your e-mail for understandability before sending it off. The English language have suffered tremendously over time....and I will not continue to add to it's downfall. If English is not your first language, I will make some concessions. I write/speak a little French and Spanish, but not enough to carry on full conversations/e-mails. I am open to if you speak either of those languages and have the time to add a few phrases with the English translation in bracket major KISSES your way! [Google Translate does a marvelous job these days ;)]

    • Drop me a line if you want to know me. Fakers and liars please stay away. I am not looking for hook-ups (yes a repeat from above in case you miss it). Friendship is my primary goal if someone take the time with valid conversation. My profile has been on private for many years...going to undo that for a little bit...hopefully no one send me anything crass. Not really adding friends [except for exceptionally rare reasons]. Just here for pets & Luvs. If giving luvs, give two at a time, so I have luvs to return back to you and ONLY give a pair of Luvs to this profile if you have a pair of Luvs to give the SoroNat L on my friend's list ;).