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Phat-n-Sober In Seattle


    Yeah the name is funny for a group; because of all places to move, I picked the one of the weed state, it’s okay because I grew up here, and have been gone for long time and yet to rediscover the state. I would like to do it with Clean and Sober people who are Fat “Phat Black Gurl,” Woman friendly. (LoL) I am looking for people who are like me and different from me that do not mind sharing their ideas, thoughts and hobbies with me in a friendly, relaxing, safe environment. I hope we mesh well together and can grow together while living our daily lives. Goal: To thaw out the “Seattle Freeze” and build real Friendships; all over the Pacific Northwest, right now we are based in Seattle. I hope our new friendships will leads to events, movies, dinner, and other outings, maybe a few road trips to different parts of the state and maybe even beyond. Join Us; if you are in between 30-105 years old.

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    Da Sober Phatty