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    My birthday is Sunday.. Who really fwm and taking me out?? C App $Legz39

    May 22, 2013



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  • About Me

    • R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop, Love The Old Skool, Gospel, Salsa & Merengue

    • Set it off, What's Love Got To Do with It, Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Big Mommas House, Rush Hour, Horror Movies

    • Love & Hip Hop, Bad Girls Club, Meet the Brown's, Syfy, Travel Channel

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    • Bucs, Rays

    • Dancing, cooking, spending time with my family and loved ones in my circle.

    • I don't share my DREAMS with everybody..I'll pass on that. NEXTTTTTTTTTT!

    • My Smile, Legs, Personality, Dance Moves

    • I'm about a lot of things, but games aren't one of them so please do not disrespect me and you won't get BLOCKED.. LYING TO ME TO GET CONVERSATION WILL GET U BLOCKED...Yes I am a Diva, but im also a sweetheart and I love being me lol. I love to travel and see new places and spontaneity ...Hustling is in my nature so Ian looking for any handouts, but if we rocking??? You already know how real women step…!!! If not keep it pushing so I won’t have to PRESS PLAY respectfully 🥱