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    March 20, 2007






  • About Me

    • All.....prefer the slowly melody...

    • Kungfu - Tom & Jerry - Fashion show....

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    • English football-Arsenal

    • My hobby is reading books ( but lazy now ),dancing, listening music, traveling and compose poems...

    • Thật nhìu khách hàng và đối tác...

    • Bring you to me

    • THÍCH ĐỦ THỨ ( like everything ) and a great man..hehehe...

    • To be the best tour operator in Vietnam

    • How do I say goodbye?// Time will pass so slowly,// My heart weeps for you crimson tears.// For me,these tears are precious drops of our friendship and love. Linh Tran

    • Spring flowers bloom in the garden below //Petals swaying in the breeze.// Couples walk by hand in hand and// The lonely man misses his lover back home.// Linh Tran

    • The Winter moon is hidden from my sight,// And so my heart feels cold.// I am deeply missing you with every moment of the day.// Perhaps we both are thinking of each other.// Do you hear the drops of rain in Hue with me?// Linh Tran