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  • ~I am 74!!! My name is Lettah~

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    I only chat here, I will not go to WhatsApp, or Hangouts!!! I will not intrude on your privacy, if you are set on Private...

    November 27, 2006




    Asian, Black, Caucasian/White, Native American



  • About Me

    • If your profile is private!!! I cannot add you!!! I respect your privacy!!! I will not intrude!!! I love Rap music, and R&B!!! I listen to music 24/7, and will even do it when I watch TV... Yep, it is my mind, and I choose what I allow in, and out of it, so I can do both at the same time!!! In fact, I love most kinds of music that appeals to my spirit... I am 71 years mature as of Nov. 9 th 2018... You may call me Lettah!!! I am a retired counselor, and will lend an ear if you like to you with what you like to share, or get off your chest... I will help you work through it... Never want you to substitute your feelings and thoughts for mine!!! If I am able to help you find another view point... I am here for you, and like to help you... Trust is pivotal for friends!!! I am, differently able in my motorized wheelchair!!! Happy and have so much respect for you as a potential friend!!! That's why I am here not seeking anything but friendship!!! As I feel it is he that finds, and not she that finds!!! I am not desperate, lonely, or hard up for attention of just any man...

    • Denzel Washington's movies... The Thing! The Color Purple...

    • The OWN channel, any CSI, Show, Animal Planet, Dr Oz, Dr.Phil!!! Empire, Rosewood, the Walking Dead!!! FLASH!!, ARROW!!! Yes!!! I watch my FiOS!!!

    • Too many to list. Books are a good friend, and will talk to you when no one else will. My # 1 best reading is my Holy Bible. Its my sword...

    • I love tennis, so you know I love the William sisters!!! I am somewhat of a basket ball fan!!! I love to exercise in water and swim... Since an auto accident placed me in a wheelchair part of the time... I stand and walk, but not as much as I would like to, but I am getting there!!!

    • I am interested in what makes you want to be my friend??? I will give you all the respect that I am allowed by you to give to you... I am interested in you inside... What makes to tick??? Are you the real, and potential friend??? That I can really appreciate???

    • I dream of being the very best counselor and friend, anyone could ever have... To used by God to help those who seriously want my input.... Really seeking to be a multisensory being!!!

    • My personality! I especially love my eyes, they are the window to my soul... I think that God has given me a very sweet soul... I care about God's property... If you're HIS property, then I care about you...

    • I did not post my age as what is showing!!! It was changed in an error. I am 74, and was 74 on Nov. 9th, 2021!!! So, don't think I am lying about age!!! I feel as though I am being de-personalize, objectified and cheapened when I am called “sexy“!!! It is a turn off and a put down label of sexuality inappropriately imposed on me!!! I'd much rather be thought of as intelligent, a nice lady, and a possible friend... Not “sexy“!!! Most of all... I like to be called Lettah... I do not care to be called, sexy, honey, hun, pretty, love, sweetie, sweety, or babe, baby and or boo... By someone I have never met, or really know me that well.. I rather people get to know more about me before they label  me with something other than my name or my nick-name The superficial, narcissistic materialistic, hedonistic, masochistic and selfish need not to read any further - Get ta step-in' to your own world!!! Only real, folks, please! I don't tolerate shallow people; as it annoys me to deal with them! My most important relationship is with God; the next is my two adult children, grand, and great children. Family & friend's, all play a major roll in my life... I can trust them!!!

    • I feel as though I am being de-personalize, objectified and cheapened when I am called “sexy“. It is a turn off when sexuality inappropriately imposed on me!!! I'd much rather be thought of as intelligent, beautiful, gorgeous, and lovely even. Not “sexy“… Since you don’t know me or anything about me, why not talk to me to see the caliber of woman I am??? If you cannot see my title, ask what I prefer to be called??? I feel it is so depersonalizing... I truly hope you understand that all women do not care to be objectified… At 66, being called “sexy” repeatedly, is really draining, and ends a promising conversation promptly!!! Do you see my point clearly??? I have a problem with being called SEXY… First of all, it's not my name, to me the word SEXY should only be used when the person knows you like being called that… Plus calling me sexy gives me the impression you have demoted me to a sexual object… So, please No SEXY!!!” However, please do not cause me to loose respect for you as a man by calling me sexy... Thanks... .

    • ***WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects, advertising, sales, or any other reason. You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. ***