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    This group is for all of us ladies living in Florida that would like to chat and meet other ladies from Florida whether you live close by or not. I'm thinking this group is going to be more for us gay/bi females mostly but straight females will be welcome too If you are not from Florida and want to join please send me a private message on why you want to join ladies. NO PRIVATE PROFILES WILL BE ACCEPTED. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN PLEASE SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME TELLING ME WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS JUST FOR US LADIES IN FLORIDA OR POSSIBLY MOVING TO FLORIDA! THIS IS STILL A NEW GROUP AND I NEED TO BUILD IT UP! IF YOUR NOT FROM FLORIDA PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE ON WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN MY FLORIDA GROUP! THIS GROUP IS ONLY FOR US LADIES THAT LIVE OR MOVING OR HERE. SO IF YOU WANT TO JOIN SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE ON WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN? THANKS IN ADVANCE (TIA)

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