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    Welcome to HVP where it's all about the game Pets as we welcome all active Pets Players from new or casual Pets Players to long time highly experienced Pets Players. Feel free to add HVP in your name after you join to be recognized as a fellow HVP Member as although it's not guaranteed, having HVP in your name may increase your chances of being bought by or having your pets bought by other HVP Members. Please make sure to read the announcements in our group forum as well as the widgets on my profile that have very helpful information which if applied, may lead to you or your pets being bought more often. Having your assets exceed your value, owning active pets only and being an active player and poster also helps. So come one come all, enjoy and feel free to invite all your friends that also play Pets. Established 11/01/2015. HVP Administrators are Sophie W, Joe B, Billy B and Jenny M.

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    Sophie W HVP 🖤 Joe B HVP