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DDs_nEvIG4nU PRIVATE Club Only


    Welcome to the Bragging Club, For CEOs N Admin 1.SUBJECT:2.SPEED CHAT:3. GRP:ROOMs The Idea of this Club was founded on 2 people: then 4 and So on, ect ect, the objective, was to Play PetMaster Vs Student: {when the student is ready ,the master will appear} sounds simple, 1, You need to Play the Pets Game, 2, You need to be an Admin, in any grp, 3.Form a grp and look after it: said and DONE: the next stage: is setting up 3 rooms:The game begins: in the topics, Winner takes All:,Your Group has LOST all Keys included_OR_Wimmer_Takes the KEYS with friends and groups_to CEO to 2 groups_ subject to House Rules, of each Grp, it will validate you to caution Please read Carefully and fully understand, the rules of Tagged and Hi5 Terms of Service:

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