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  • "Queen Of The Weirdos "


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    Dark Love

    If you treat me like i should be treated then i will treat you the same way

    August 23, 2008







  • About Me

    • anything but god music

    • HORROR ALL THE WAY....some comdey and b movies

    • chiller channel.....sci-fi guy

    • true crime and horror...whatever catches my eye

    • hell no

    • I like gothic things anything that is dark and weird..takeing pics of gravestones.i like the weird and freaky things and people that are themselfs and doesnt follow the norm or care what other people think of them ...i like people that are different and shows it...people that are diff make the world go around or just burn lmao either one..people make me laugh

    • To be able to see my son gradurate high school and make something of himself and be with that person i love for the rest of my life

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    • I dont remember what i had here for this to delet it....But if u want to know anything about me just ask

    • I have a 16 year old son